Travel Tips For You 


  • Do not carry too much cash with you.
  • Keep some emergency cash in a safe at your hotel.
  • Travel with 2 credit cards, in case you lost one of them, and keep them in different places.
  •  Notify your bank of your travel plans before your departure. 


Keep your stuff safe:

  • Do not wear or carry jewelry or expensive stuff.
  •      Keep your expensive stuff in the safe box at your hotel room or reception.
  •      When going to the beach, take only what’s really necessary and keep it simple at all times.
  •          Do not accept help from strangers while using ATM machines.


     Driving in a Foreign Country:

  •          Carry your ID with you at all times and possibly state your blood type in a document ID and always let family and friends know your whereabouts and your travel plans during and before the trip.
  •           Make sure you understand the road rules before you start driving, different countries have different road regulations. Also, watch out for fake police officers on the road.


Attitude in traveling:

  • Understand the road rules before you start driving in a foreign country, different countries have different road regulations. 
  •            Also, watch out for fake police officers on the road.


Travel Insurance:

  •       Travel insurance is a great safety procedure while traveling overseas. Hospital bills can really add up and having access to insurance if an accident might occur is a great way to travel with some peace of mind. Travel insurance can also help with flight cancellations and lost or stolen items.


Health Certificates and Vaccines:

  •              Some countries are considered infested with some life-threatening diseases, so check all the required health certificates and vaccine information for the country you are traveling to.


Emergency Contact:

  • Notify your hotel and family back home about your emergency contact information.
  • Make sure to keep a document with your identification with you at all times in case necessary.


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